Eye Exam

At One Optics, we believe that every customer deserves personalized and expert care. Our dedicated team of optometrists is committed to delivering the highest standard of eye care, to ensure our customers feel confident in their eye care journey.

This is not your usual eye exam that you may have experienced elsewhere where you’re in and out of the optometrist room as if in a revolving door. We always allow a longer time for your appointment as we understand it’s not all about the technical bits of an eye exam. This extra time exploring with you what your visual needs are means we can give you the best recommendations and advice and we never recommend products that we know you’ll never use.

We take time to find out about YOU, what your preferences are, what concerns you may have and what type of work you do all so we can build a tailored, personalized vision plan for you. 

Our optometrist Nalini Teelucksingh qualified with a Honours Degree in Optometry from City University in London and ensures she advances her learning with ongoing education each year. Her passion is children’s vision and binocular vision and loves challenging herself to grow with every case.

We’ve fostered relationships with the very best ophthalmologists in Trinidad and should you require a referral for any eye health issue, she always refers you to the best specialist for your needs-you’ll always be in good hands.

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